Ofcom Communications Market Report & Scottish Household Survey Research Internet Take-Up and Use

In the last couple of weeks both Ofcom and the Scottish Household survey have published their annual statistical reports. Ofcom’s Communications Market Report for Scotland focuses on communication services, take-up and use and the Scottish Household survey has an excellent indepth section on the internet. Both reports have more data than we can go through in this short blog post and a broad array of information that falls outwith the remit of this group but of interest nonetheless. Follow the hyperlinks above to both documents if you would like to see the full reports but for now some of the key findings are:

  • Broadband take-up in Scotland grew by one percentage point to 61% – ten percentage points below the average take-up in the rest of the UK (Ofcom CMR Scotland 2010)
  • Lack of internet access for involuntary reasons (that is, non-adoption for reasons of lack of availability or cost) is highest in Scotland (Ofcom CMR Scotland 2010)
  • People in Scotland were more likely to rely solely on their mobile phone as a means of making voice calls (Ofcom CMR Scotland 2010)
  • Fewer Scots use the internet to access health, banking or government websites than the rest of the UK
  • Women are more likely than men to be non-users of the internet (SHS 2009)
  • There is a clear linear relationship between age and use of the internet, with use declining as respondents get older (SHS 2009)
  • Only 4% of those in households with income in excess of £40k do not use the internet (SHS 2009)
  • For the youngest age group (16-24 year olds) having either a disability or long-standing illness does not impact to a greater extent on internet use (SHS 2009)

Vicki Nash of Ofcom Scotland is going to talk more about the Communications Market Report and what the story behind the statistics is at our next meeting on Tuesday 21 September at 1800. Look forward to seeing and hearing from you then.


About mcclarity

External Relations Manager at Ofcom Scotland. Support for Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Digital Participation
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