Xmas or X Box?

It’s been a while since we posted anything for you here so apologies and reassurance that normal service has now resumed.

There was plenty of news and interesting developments over the Christmas period (despite the snow!) that are worthy of highlighting. As reported here in a previous post, the Highlands will benefit from the BD UK pilot scheme but there was also good news for other areas of Scotland that received confirmation of awards of LEADER Broadband Challenge funding to help enhance communications in their areas. Around 1 million Euros has been earmarked for rural broadband development in areas including Forth Valley and Lomond, the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and South Lanarkshire.

If it is possible to seek a positive from all of our troubles with weather here in Scotland over the last few weeks, then Learning and Teaching Scotland can perhaps offer us something. With an unprecendented level of school closures, GLOW came into its own as an ever ready resource for communication and for those diligent pupils still wanting to get their education fix.

Christmas is now considered a technology boom time as people tend to add personal communications and media devices to their wish lists in a way never seen before. The advent and clever marketing of the Wii and other consoles brought gaming to a new active and family audience and has captured many with the opportunity to sing and dance like Britney over the festive period. The latest mobile phone handsets and devices such as iPods and laptops mean that the take up statistics see a Christmas effect. Leave us a comment and tell us if you got anything in your stocking that has been a digital revelation. Which of all the amazing new communications and media devices are likely to help us here in Scotland tackle our issues with the rollout of technologies and take up of digital services? Look forward to hearing your feedback!


About mcclarity

External Relations Manager at Ofcom Scotland. Support for Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Digital Participation
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