Next Generation Services for Older and Disabled People – Ofcom

Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for Older and Disabled People has today published research into the benefits that next generation super-fast broadband could bring to older and disabled people.

The research gives examples of a range of services already being piloted or in development. It also explores how existing services could be enriched as a result of faster broadband connections.

Services such as remote health monitoring and consultations, enabling some people to be diagnosed from their home, mentoring and befriending schemes, teleworking and life-long learning initiatives can all play a role in promoting independent living so that older and disabled people can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

The research also identifies some of the challenges and barriers which might hinder this potential including usability, accessibility and cost.

Jo Connell, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Older and Disabled People, said:

“For many people next generation broadband is already a reality. Our research shows that next generation broadband is about much more than multi-player gaming, faster music downloads or high definition TV.

This report offers a glimpse into the potential services and how this new technology could help to transform many older and disabled people’s lives.”

Find the report here:


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