StAnza: Scotland’s International Poetry Festival

I’d appreciate if you could post on the new website these links to reports on our latest successful digital projects: Cyber Slam: Scotland -v- Australia  and Cyber open mic – Fife to the world

In 2010 in Macedonia I gave a presentation on StAnza’s use of digital to an international gathering of poets, translators and event organisers, and I would be very happy to make a presentation to a future meeting on StAnza’s hugely successful and innovative use of digital media for events.

In March 2009 we used an online video conferencing facility (ie Skype) to include in a three man show in St Andrews a poet in Amsterdam whose travel plans had gone awry. Following the success of this, in November 2009 we programmed, coordinated and staged what we believe was a world first, a one-day digital poetry festival linking poets and audiences in 12 venues in 10 countries worldwide from Mumbai in India to Sacramento on the west coast of the USA, skyping poetry performances into our hub venue at The Byre Theatre in St Andrews and live webcasting the events across the world for nine hours.

On 11 September 2010, we staged a successful international cyber slam, when a StAnza team in St Andrews went head-to-head via skype with a team in Melbourne, Australia as part of Overload, their poetry festival. This was also webcast live to a world audience and we followed it by an open mic from St Andrews, including skyped in contributions, and again webcast this live. Full details here


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