Related Strategies

On these pages we will post any strategies created either by Scottish Government or external organisations that relate to our work.

Given our belief that technology and people being able to use it confidently can enhance every area of life and work it is important to understand policy thinking and developments across a broad range of areas.

For example Telehealth can have clear benefits for reaching people in rural areas, cost savings to our NHS budget and more obviously, the overall health of Scotland. However this can only be truly successful if everyone who wants to use it has the ability and confidence to do so. Therefore any programmes or policy changes in the adult learning field or in support for technology for those on low incomes have a direct impact on the rollout and use of new services such as Telehealth.

Each group in our society has distinct issues when it comes to getting and using technology whether that be age, income, education level, location or employment status.

Everyone has a least two things in common when it comes to technology – we all have to know what it can do for us and we all need to learn how to make it do those things for us.


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